Who am I ?

Hi 👋, I’m Ankit Popli

A software engineer that enjoys architecting solutions whether it’s day or night. C was my first language as subject in college in late 2010 or early 2011. I just took it as a subject earlier on. I think I started enjoying coding after the first few days, when I crossed a certain threshold. Coding gives you the power to build out your own world, and that to me is amazing. Engineers can solve any f***ing problem out there. The only challenge is to identify those problems.

I started my career as an Android Developer @ CodeMyMobile. Joined Veris as the Founding Engineer. After a couple of years I’m back to where I belong, as the Director of Engineering @ CodeMyMobile working on Upkeep.

A few things about me:

  • Majored in Computer Science Engineering from MAIT in 2013. It was a random pick to be honest. Who knew I’d love it.

  • Outer Space & Psychology seems to have taken few of hours of my time in the last few years. Law tries to keep up and can come fourth.

  • One of the movies that I can watch anytime is 3 Idiots. Marvel over DC. With the exception of “The Batman” obviously. Horror over comedy. Comedy over Drama. Drama over Action. Action over Horror.

  • Acoustic is my JAM. I mean music you nerds.

  • Well known for my cheese omellete. Because I advertise it a lot, and also that’s the only thing I can cook.

  • There are only a bunch of books that I’ve ever read. These are not endorsements :)

    and the books that I’ve listened:

  • Apart from it, I like to wonder if I’m 5’ 10”.

That’s it. Now you see me. Feel free to say hi on LinkedIn.